Millstone&Co enlarged a share of Pridneprovsk Thermal Power Station up to 50%

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine allowed Millstone&Co to enlarge a share in the equity capital of TOV (LLC) Pridneprovsk Thermal Power Station that gives 50% of votes at Shareholders meeting.

The amount of investments into the construction of a new thermal power station of general capacity – 8.6 MW of electric power and 8 -13 Gcal/hr of thermal power in Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia oblast, Ukraine totaled around euro 15M the half of which Millstone&Co contributed. Before the station will be put into operation there are plans to invest euro 4M more, the total amount of investments will be 19Meuro.

Pridneprovsk Thermal Power Station offers beneficial and friendly conditions for agriculture business development. The station has convenient location and infrastructure optimal for logistics and there is the Industrial park near it.

According to Andrey Bozhenko, a senior project manager of Millstone&Co, the development of thermal energy production facilities based on the biofuel is beneficial due to low cost of feedstock compared with traditional sources and that is why the company is interested in this project. “In such a country with developed agriculture as Ukraine there are surplus of agricultural by-products that’s why biofuel projects will be on the safe side regarding the feedstock”, – he added.

Millstone&Co is a private investment company that provides investment services to its clients. The company has offices in Warsaw, Kraków and Kyiv.



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