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Millstone&Co is a private investment company that provides traditional investment related services to its clients. As a millstone at ancient times was used to grind grain into flour, so nowadays we use our investment millstone to grind problems and challenges of our clients into solutions and profits. In our operation we combine ‘old school’ principles of investment business such as always providing an honest advice to a client even if it is less profitable or how to keep our professional reputation off stains and compromises with being quick, up-to-date, and having a fresh look to investment challenges and opportunities

Our motto is «TIME and CHANCE». We proved that we have an ability to see the right time and the right place for a transaction or an investment decision advising our clients to follow this. In our lifetime we saw many sad examples when a really unique chance was ignored and depreciated in pursuit of better future, higher multiples that eventually came as the opposite.



Investments into renewable energy

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Millstone & Co has completed the acquisition of 50% of ITW SYSTEMS

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Investments into lithium exploration

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