BIO GAZ POWER GENERATION STATION (renewable energy project)

BIO GAZ POWER GENERATION STATION (renewable energy project)

Ukrainian agrarian holding is looking for debt (project) financing to implement a renewable energy project SETTING UP A BIO GAZ POWER GENERATION STATION OF 2.4 MW in capacity that uses for energy corn silage and caw manure.

Key details of the project: 

Total cost of the project (VAT incl.) EUR 7.2 MIO

Own investment EUR 2.2 MIO

Debt financing required EUR 5 MIO

Pay back preiod 6 years

IRR 34 %

ROI 260 % (10Y)

Expected interest rate on debt financing 6 %

Colateral – Corporate rights of the legal entity owing and implementing the project, bail of legal entities within the agrarian holding, equipment and construction in progress.

Project design and implementation – German company with a track record of over 50 similar projects implemented

Stage of the Project – Project design developed, cash flow calculated, land allocated, capital raising now, Project schedule to commence in 2019

Profile of the Agrarian Holding

Land area in use 30 000 ha

Main business activities – Crop Production and sale: Corn,Sunflower, Wheat,Mustard, Rape etc., over 70 000 tons/year

Main business activities – Livestock: 638 cows, 338 milking cows, 5627 liters of milk/year

Storage facilities – 46 000 tons

Transport-  John Deere and other, 15 harvesters, 27 tractors (80-345л.с.), 5 sprayers, 6 seeding complexes, 3 balers, 14 telling complexes. 110 units of tractors from domestic manufacturers (82-150л.с.), 1 harvester, 45 disc harrows, discators, 70 cultivators, 62 seeding complexes, 8 tilling machines, 13 sprayers, storage-trailers Bergmann, Fliegl, more then 50 units of other specialized agricultural equipment, 11 modern trucks Scania, Daf, Man, with modern grain trailers Bodex, Wielton. Production units use 61 trucks such as Zil, Kamaz, Gaz. 34 cars.

Revenue USD 19 MIO


EBITDA margin 39 %

Net profit margin 28 %

Debt USD 2.5 MIO

Debt/EBITDA 0.3

Internationally edited accounts – available